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The Square Research Center brings together around thirty PhDs, doctoral students, and consultants, who contribute to furthering applied R&D and preparing the future of business. Twenty-five R&D programmes aligned with our areas of excellence.


The Square Research Center was created to promote the development of applied R&D work at Square Management. Its purpose is to design and test the most innovative approaches and tools, in order to provide a relevant response to major problems faced by organisations. The Square Research Center combines researchers (PhDs and doctoral students), consultants, academic partners, and public and private organisations with the production of new knowledge and solutions, geared towards action and designed for concrete implementation.


The Square Research Center encourages its teams to remove the scientific and technological barriers that prevent organisations from addressing in depth the ‘problems’ they face, whether new, emerging or already known. To this end, we develop models, solutions, and tools for our clients, partners, and consultants. We share our results at academic seminars, professional events, and in publications and use our discoveries in the context of the missions entrusted to us by our clients.


David Alcaud graduated from the Paris IEP, holds a Master of Arts from Kent University and a Master 2 in comparative literature from Paris III University. He has studied Sociology at Paris X University and holds a PhD in political sciences from the Paris IEP. Recipient of the « Bourse de l’Ecole française de Rome » award and grantee from the Lazard Foundation.
He held teaching positions at the Lille IEP and Paris IEP, as well as at several American Universities. He was an associate researcher at the CEVIPOF and the CURAPP and Vice-President of the Interdisciplinary Foundation for comparative research in social sciences. He has directed collections and books and has been a contributor to many conferences and academic publications. David has joined Square ten years ago to concurrently lead applied research work and consulting assignments. He is currently head of the Square Research Center and contribute to multiple projects. 


Portfolio alignment

Portfolio alignment 

Portfolio alignment makes it possible to measure the climate performance of a portfolio of assets. A number of alignment methodologies have been developed in the wake of the Paris Agreement to meet the objective of making financial flows compatible with a low level of emissions. To date, existing methodologies do not take account of the risk dimension. As a result, a portfolio can be aligned with a 2°C trajectory and still be significantly exposed to climate risks.

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