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New working and management methods

An R&D programme carried out in partnership with Paris Dauphine University.


The proliferation of ‘fads’ and proposed managerial innovations is driving the way in which many companies are trying to adopt new approaches, which are often wholly unsuitable for their managers and teams.


To identify the managerial characteristics of a team and an organisation, in order to determine the management method best suited to its specific characteristics and objectives. 


Studying the different aspects of the working and management methods characteristic of the organisation concerned enables us to:

  1. Diagnose management practices and identify the best options for individuals, teams, and the organisation;

  2. Propose recommendations and a support plan to ensure that the change management process is successfully adopted.


Companies and organisations in all sectors.


Chaïmae Bennis (Ph.D. Researcher - Senior Consultant)

Chaïmae Bennis (Ph.D. Researcher — Senior Consultant)

A graduate of IAE Gustave Eiffel with a Master 2 in Management Sciences and a PhD from ESCP Business School in Management Sciences (dissertation topic: Industry 4.0, digital transformation, ambidexterity of operators and evolution of associated skills), Chaïmae has 6 years’ professional experience. She has been working as a lecturer at ESCP Business School since 2018, where she teaches Human Resources Management courses for Managers (M1 Master in Management).

  • Bennis, C. (2023) « Le rôle déterminant d’un management basé sur la confiance, la responsabilisation et l’autonomisation dans l’usine digitalisée. » (Revue RH&M)
  • Bennis, G. et Bennis, C. (2023) « Les stratégies relationnelles entre banques traditionnelles et fintechs : un éclairage par la théorie de l’ambidextrie de réseau. »
  • Bennis, C. et Géraldine G. «  « Michelin : industrie 4.0, ambidextrie organisationnelle et accompagnement RH » à la Centrale des Cas et des Médias Pédagogiques (CCMP) — 2021.
    “La pyramide de Maslow du télétravail”,, 01/2021, Mathilde Dégremont
  • Focus “Les nouveaux modes de management”, définition des nouveaux modes de management, nos convictions et un guide méthodologique pour développer et diffuser son propre mode de management, 03/2021, Mathilde Dégremont et Marc Campi


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