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New responsible marketing business models

An R&D programme carried out in partnership with ESCP Business School.


In the age of sustainability, the influence of marketing on changes in consumer behaviour is becoming key, whether in terms of the transformation of business models, modes of governance, changes in consumption patterns, or the transformation of the marketing function, its practices, and marketing strategies (e.g. objectives, indicators, culture).


To provide answers to the following questions:

  • What new sustainable business models are generating value?
  • What are the keys to success for brands that will ensure the successful implementation of sustainable and innovative offerings?
  • How can brands understand and support customers in adopting sustainable offers?


We are setting up a common repository of practices arising from new modes of consumption and new business models based on sustainability. 
We provide decision makers with a sustainable marketing performance management tool.
We anticipate consumer behaviour at an early stage and develop an analysis method to provide companies with guides to support decision making on the adoption of a sustainable offer by target consumers.


Companies in all sectors. 


Marina Thiébault (Doctoral Researcher)

Marina Thiébault (Doctoral Researcher)

With a Master’s degree in Corporate Social Responsibility Management and a Specialised Master’s in Supply Chain Management from ESCP, Marina has 12 years’ professional experience, 7 of which — in North America. She has worked as a Strategy and Organisation Consultant (Quadrat Conseils, Mazars, Engie, Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, National Bank of Canada), Research Officer (Vigeo, CBC Radio-Canada) and Marketing and Development Project Manager (LVMH, L’Oréal Canada, Zorah Biocosmétiques).

  • ”Est-il possible d’évaluer les projets de Base of Pyramid? Exemple des projets d’accès à l’énergie”, sous la direction de F. Quairel, 03/2009
  • ”The viability of the Basu and Palazzo CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) embedment model, illustrated by the Sports Shoemakers’ analysis example”, sous la direction de V. Moatti, 06/2012


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