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Square has set out as its mission to support all of its employees in the full development of their potential. 

Known and recognized for its conviviality and pleasant atmosphere, square supports you to succeed in all your projects and develop your talents.

Benefit from a tailor-made training program allowing you to develop new expertise and deepen your knowledge.


Throughout your career at Square, you will be supported by a unique mentorship mechanism, the “Référent(e)/Référe(e)” System. 
  • As a “Référe(e)”, you’ll benefit from a kind, close, non-hierarchical point of contact called the “Référent(e)”.
  • Acting as a mentor, the “Référent(e)” will support his/her “Référe(e)” in his/her assignments and work life, follow his/her development in terms of behavior, expertise, objectives and projection. He/She will make him/herself available and be a listener through various formal and informal check-in sessions. As a facilitator, he/she will ensure correct onboarding of his/her “Référe(e)” and guide the relationship with upper Management and other consultants. 

In the future, you will yourself become the “Référent(e)” of one or more consultants. 


You will be able to choose a community to which you want to belong, as soon as you join Square. This choice will be guided by your experience, your competencies, as well as your projection ambitions. 

Within each consultancy of the Square group, one or more communities have the objective to gather consultants who share their expertise, knowledge, and an interest for a specific field. Each community contributes to at least one Area of Excellence.

At dedicated events, the members of a community meet to discuss, share, provide advice, and collaborate on internal projects or assignments. These communities allow each employee to enter spaces promoting the closeness between consultants, the development of our organization’s culture and collective work.

Communities allow to ease the onboarding of new hires and facilitate the communication and bottom-up and top-down information transfers.


You benefit from frequent management check-ins, allowing you to reach the objectives you have set. 

The Appreciation and Continuous Development (Appréciation et Développement Continu, ADC) is based on 4 meetings per year with your manager and your “référent(e)”.

The four steps allow, in a favorable context, to discuss the client assignments and internal projects you have conducted, to reflect on them and set individual objectives anchored in time.

This process, built on discussion and transparency, allow to have a fair assessment of the commitment and fulfilment of the employee across the entire year.


We have formalized a framework of consultant position levels detailing the expectations in terms of responsibilities and attitude for each step of his career path and based on his moments of life during assignments or internally to the firm. Fully aligned with the positioning of the Group, this framework provides the Consultants with a reference listing all the necessary guidelines for their current level as well as for those they intend to reach. 

The Consultant applies his knowledge and experience while complying with the policies and methodologies of the firm. He gradually grows in autonomy on the tasks assigned to him and start developing an expertise.
Understanding: the main early career expectation lies in the capability of the consultant to understand what is expected from him in terms of deliverables and communication, with his clients and within his consultancy. 
Experienced Consultant
The experienced consultant strengthens the bases of the consulting job and puts them in practice. He develops a consultant’s stance, is a force of proposition and acts proactively.
Attitude: the main expectation expands to a capability to develop a proactive attitude and take initiatives to help the promotion of the firm’s expertise. 
Senior consultant, level 1
The Senior Consultant 1 is autonomous in the management of his assignments and the conduction of projects internal to the firm. He shares knowledge with more junior consultants and contributes to the development of the consultancy.
Autonomy: the main expectation is supplemented by a capability to deliver high-level materials, building on business, methodology and communication skills. 
Senior consultant, level 2
The Senior Consultant 2 is recognized for his expertise on one or several topics. He is actor and promotor of the firm’s development, and monitors the progress of more junior consultants.
Initiative: the main expectation integrates the capacity to be the driver of pragmatic and operational ideas to support the development of his clients and his consultancy. 
Project Manager
The Project Manager defines and manages efficiently his projects, undertaking and teams. He supports the progress of consultants internally and during assignments, and anticipates the needs and solutions to be provided internally and for our clients.
Support: a real link between upper management and consultants, the main expectation set upon the project manager consists in his capacity to unite teams around a common objective, with his clients and internally. 
Senior Manager
The Senior Manager leads major programs and manages multidisciplinary teams. He strongly contributes to the influence of the firm in all its dimensions, and plays an acceleration and building role internally and with our clients.
Influence: the main expectation becomes the capability to accelerate the standing of the consultancy, through the level of his interventions or his capabilities to promote the productions of the firm.
An ambassador to our clients, the Principal supports the positioning and the value creation for the Consultancy and the Group. He contributes to the directions taken and their implementation. Accountable for the delivery, he oversees programs and teams in assignments.
Group Vision: the main expectation lies in the capability to create value for the Group. 
Associate Partner
Co-opted by Square Partners, the Associate Partner supports his Partners in the design and operational implementation of the Consultancy’s and Group’s strategy. During assignments, he is responsible for the quality of our interventions and the Group’s image. 


Discover all the opportunities to join Square and live a fulfilling professional experience.


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