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Value-based strategy: driving performance through value

An R&D programme carried out in partnership with HEC Paris.


Today, a company’s performance can no longer be conceived and measured exclusively in terms of financial performance.


Non-financial and financial elements contributing to the creation of corporate value need to be better identified and weighed in order to measure their contribution to overall performance.


The research programme enables an organisation to steer its performance based on value, using a new quantitative approach that defines and measures the key extra-financial and financial indicators to guarantee the creation of value in line with the strategy. This approach is innovative in how it valorises multidimensional sources of value creation that are often neglected. By describing the role of these different sources of value creation in overall performance, the analysis enables companies to implement their strategy in line with the value they want to create and to optimise their cross-functional operational management.


Companies in all sectors. 


Anna Souakri (Ph.D. Researcher - Consultant)

Anna Souakri (Ph.D. Researcher — Consultant)

With a Master’s degree in Management from ESCP, a Master’s 2 from Paris Dauphine University, and a Doctorate in Strategy and Entrepreneurial Finance from ESCP-Paris 1 La Sorbonne and Babson College, Anna has 10 years’ professional experience. She has worked as a teacher-researcher at Babson College and at Politecnico di Milano, where she worked on investment strategies and company valuation.

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  • Modéliser, anticiper et maximiser la performance stratégique au regard de la légitimité et de la résilience, Working Paper, Square Research Center.
  • Réconciliation et intégration de la valeur et de la performance : approche nouvelle et modélisation associée, Working Paper, Square Research Center.
  • Souakri, Coeurderoy, Zacharakis (2021).” Valuation processes : Venture capitalists evaluation of startups’ record ”,Scientific paper pre-accepted in Journal of Small Business Management; Award recipient for Excellence in Research from National Federation for Independent Business (USA) and Babson College


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