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Insurance to meet the challenge of the climate transition

An R&D programme carried out in partnership with Imperial College London 


An R&D programme on the transformation of the insurance business faced with the risks arising from the transition.


Enable insurers to identify:

  1. The effects of climate change and the environmental transition on their activities;
  2. The means available to them to adapt to climate change and contribute to the transition.


  1. The design of innovative insurance products (e.g. parametric insurance, pandemic insurance);
  2. The building of statistical models to assess physical and transitional risks;
  3. The study of ways to manage catastrophic risks (e.g. reinsurance, alternative risk transfer markets).


Insurance companies.


Docteur Alexis Louaas (Ph.D. Researcher - Consultant)

Docteur Alexis Louaas (Ph.D. Researcher — Consultant)

Alexis holds a master’s degree from the Paris School of Economics and a doctorate from the Ecole Polytechnique. He is working on the insurance of emerging and catastrophic risks and on the financial consequences of climate change.
His doctoral thesis was awarded the Ernst Meyer Prize by the Geneva Association for his significant and original contribution to the study of risk and insurance economics. His published work has won awards from the Financial Times and the TSE-SCOR Research Foundation.

  • Optimal insurance coverage of low-probability catastrophic risks, The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, 2021, avec P.Picard
  • Parametric insurance and technology adoption in developing countries, The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, 2021, avec E.Biffis, E. Chavez and P. Picard
  • Optimal nuclear liability insurance, The Energy Journal, 2022, avec P. Picard
  • L’assurance paramétrique permet d’assurer des risques autrement difficiles à assurer, Le Monde, 2022, avec M. Campi
  • A pandemic business interruption insurance, The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, 2023, avec P. Picard
  • ORSA, pour une solvabilité maîtrisée, Focus Square Research Center, 2023, Avec Adien Aubert et Julien Jallut.


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