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AI* and NLP* in the service of CSR

An R&D programme carried out in partnership with Paris Dauphine University.


The proliferation of data (news, social networking, company reports, and press releases) has become a major challenge for CSR experts and decision makers in terms of extracting and interpreting key data.


The research programme is developing an interactive AI tool that offers:

  • Real-time monitoring of CSR trends by company, subject, sector, or region;
  • Real-time CSR reputation scoring;
  • Alerts on major news items concerning subjects, laws, companies, and controversies.


Major technological advances in AI and NLP, using advanced language models such as GPT, make it possible to automatically extract relevant information in real time from a variety of documents, including news. The tool developed automatically identifies various items of information, such as companies, public figures, legislation, forward-looking statements and controversies mentioned in each document, also providing sentiment analysis and a summary. All this data is then aggregated in an interactive dashboard, offering personalised alerts so that each user can track the information that corresponds to their specific needs.


Banks, insurance companies, and asset managers.


Doctor Sara MEFTAH

Doctor Sara MEFTAH

With a Master’s 2 in Artificial Intelligence (Paris Dauphine) and an engineering degree in Computer Science, Sara obtained her doctorate in Natural Language Processing at the Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique et aux énergies renouvelables (CEA) and the University of Paris Saclay. Sara is a researcher at the Square Research Center and contributes in particular to research on the design and development of new methods for the interpretability and explicability of machine learning models.

  • “Intelligence Artificielle : comment anticiper les nouvelles réglementations européennes”, Maddyness — 25/10/2021


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