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Responsible digital technology 

An R&D programme carried out in partnership with the University of La Rochelle.


Digital technology is responsible for a growing proportion of greenhouse gas emissions and has also negative social and societal impacts. 


To mathematically formalise the social and environmental impacts of responsible digital strategies. 


The aim of the research programme is to determine the scope of a company’s responsible digital strategy, to identify the relevant KPIs for this strategy, and to model the effects of this responsible digital strategy on society and the environment.


Companies and organisations from all sectors. 


Aiste Rugeviciute (Doctoral Researcher)

Aiste Rugeviciute (Doctoral Researcher)

A graduate of HEC Paris with a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development and Social Business and with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of York, Aiste worked for the Institut du Numérique Responsable for over a year before joining the Square Research Centre to contribute in particular to research into responsible digital technologies.

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