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“Customer Excellence” Program

27 juillet 2023 | Cas client, Digital & Marketing, Vertuo


A leading player in the investment banking and asset management industry requested the services of Square Management as part of its strategic “Customer Experience” program, which aimed to better understand its clients and in turn optimize its various customer journeys.

The analysis of the internal tools, the customer data and all the journeys revealed several needs: First, to generalize the use of the CRM tool, in order to improve customer data both qualitatively and quantitatively. Second, to set up a more suited internal organization that will address customers’ various needs effectively throughout their journeys. And third, to implement customer satisfaction indicators.


Our consultant started by helping the client define and assess 6 projects within the Customer Excellence program. Next, she managed each project at both the strategic and the operational levels.

The six projects consisted of:

  • Sales & Bankers Journeys: Creation of smoother and simpler journeys for employees within the internal tools.
  • Service Model: Creation of a new dashboard.
  • Client Cockpit 360: Unique access to the different applications used by the employees.
  • Client Centric Organisation: Optimization of the process to treat customers’ requests.
  • Distinctive Client Culture: Implementation of a change management strategy.
  • Net Promoter Score: Implementation and monitoring of the new indicator.

1. Deploying the use of the CRM tool

Three of the six projects within the Customer Excellence program involved improving the CRM.

Sales & Bankers Journey” aimed to co-design new and simpler journeys to increase usage of the CRM by bankers, while also improving the quality of the data they input into the tool. Our consultant conducted workshops to identify the pain points and draw up an action plan in three parts: UX/UI, simplification of the journeys, and improvement of the data collection processes.

The “Service Model”, meanwhile, made it possible to provide the business lines with a new type of data. The Square Management consultant managed the creation of a dashboard gathering all the information available in the internal applications and presenting it as customer KPIs. Offering both a customer view and portfolio view, this dashboard gave the business lines better visibility to manage the customer relationship.

In order to facilitate the access to the data and provide the bankers with a high-level view of the customer relationship, our Square Management consultant launched and managed the “Client Cockpit 360” project that created a single entry point to navigate between all the internal applications and easily access the data available across the 14 tools used within the bank.

2. Internal organisation optimization 

Square Management was also involved in the “Client Centric Organisation” project, aimed to improve the treatment of customer requests through the various existing journeys. Our consultant conducted an analysis mapping how customer requests were treated and suggested having single points of contact per request type and specialized units. These changes were reinforced by the implementation of a training project, the “Distinctive Client Culture”, for which Square Management implemented a change management system to ensure a smooth transition to the new practices.

3. Measuring customer satisfaction

The final segment of the assignment consisted in setting up a new internal indicator: the “Net Promoter Score”. Initially, Square Management helped the teams set up this indicator in surveys done long after the client interaction. The goal was to collect qualitative data based on individual interviews conducted with key contacts amongst the bank’s customers. Next, they focused on “on-the-spot” surveys, making it possible to compile a substantial database on customer satisfaction during specific interactions with the bank. This approach enabled our consultant to obtain a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction and to prioritize corrective actions in a continuous improvement approach.


The work carried out by Square Management ensured proper governance of the program via three levels of management and ensured that the projects had the necessary resources to achieve the operational and strategic objectives.

The Square Management consultant also provided training for project managers and established standardized project management practices.

A dashboard with 50 indicators was made available for bankers in order to improve their analysis and their customer knowledge.

Square Management also helped to enhance the client culture by training 200 customer-facing employees and 90 managers on specialized modules.

Based on the recommendations of the Square Management consultant, customer service was reorganized into three divisions with specific reporting structures. It allows the front office to redirect customers to their single point of contact based on their category and needs.

Square Management also supported the implementation of a NPS to track customer satisfaction, as well as a new set of procedures to incorporate this score into the monthly portfolio reviews.



  • Expertise in managing major strategic organisational transformation programs
  • Proactive suggestions above and beyond the initial need, in particular regarding training and methodological support
  • Change management expertise
  • Support for decision-making


Marc Campi

Marc Campi

Sponsor of the Digital & Marketing area of excellence

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